Campaign Toolkit

Tools to Help Run Your 2023-2024 Campaign

Whether your Employee Giving Campaign runs as a traditional campaign or your company prefers to run theirs electronically, this 2023-2024 Campaign Toolkit provides resources that fit both styles of campaigns. Please see those resources below and feel free to download and use them to make your campaign as successful as possible.

Remember, when posting anything related to your workplace campaign on social media, please use the hashtags #UnitedWayRRV and #UWRRV so that we can share it and recognize you on our social media channels!

In addition to these tools, United Way staff remain available to assist your campaign in any way.

Contact Director of Development Angela Lundin for additional assistance or email Call us at 815-968-5400.

The following materials can be printed out or shared digitally to elaborate on United Way's work in our community.

Employee Giving Campaign poster (English)
Employee Giving Campaign poster (Spanish)

Print and hang this poster in your break room, common area, or any part of your office to recognize and celebrate your employees' generosity and commitment to United Way and our community.

211/988 poster (English)
211/988 poster (Spanish)

This poster highlights the services that United Way's 988 and 211 helplines bring to our community, made possible by the donations of our generous supporters.

Campaign special event ideas

A list of special event ideas to run during your campaign to reward and celebrate your employees' generosity.

What We Do flyer

Distribute this flyer to staff to explain what United Way of Rock River Valley does in our community.

United Way COVID-19 response information sheet

The ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still being felt today. Locally, thanks to the generous donations of supporters over the past several years, United Way was able to support local organizations by raising more than $1 million to go directly toward pandemic related assistance and support. If you've run Employee Giving Campaigns over the course of the pandemic, please share this sheet with your employees to show them the impact they've made.

This pledge form can be printed and filled out by employees to give to United Way. If you would like us to deliver pledge forms to your company, email or call 815-968-5400.

2023-2024 pledge form

The 2023-2024 United Way pledge form gives your employees the option of payroll deduction, one-time giving, and plenty of other giving options and specifications. If they'd rather give online, please sign up for ePledge or visit our workplace giving portal or online donation form. To sign up for ePledge or have your company added to our giving portal, email or call 815-968-5400.

Campaign pledge report envelope

When returning your pledge forms to United Way, please fill out and include our campaign pledge report envelope in order for us to accurately attribute your donations to your workplace campaign.

As Employee Giving Campaign leaders, you can utilize these email templates to inspire giving among your team. Each template is designed to be addressed from the Company CEO, the Company Employee Campaign Coordinator, or the United Way CEO, lending authority and relevance to your message.

These are templates and can be edited as you see fit. For questions or clarification on how to use the email templates, contact Marketing and Digital Content Specialist Emily Grobe at or call 331-218-3914.

The following videos can be shown to employees to elaborate on what United Way does in our community. If you want to receive the video files directly, please email Marketing and Digital Content Specialist Emily Grobe at

United for Literacy

211 - Three Digits That Could Change Your Life

Why I Give to United Way

Live United

Additional videos can be found at

We are here to make your life easy! If there are any additional resources not included in this toolkit that you think would help you run a successful workplace campaign, please contact Director of Communications and Marketing Tom Massari at

Questions or concerns? Call 815-968-5400 or email