Helping the right student at the right time

United Way's Move the Middle initiative is making a real difference in the lives of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students in our community. Your support is now allowing the program to expand.

We recently began a partnership with Learning Circle, a company with expertise on taking data and transforming it into an understandable dashboard. The Learning Circle Dashboard will help us better identify students at risk, manage the intervention process, and measure overall impact.

Many of the objectives that Learning Circle states on their website are goals that we share. They include:

  • Identify risks and growth opportunities for students early, and connect them with appropriate school or community programs.
  • Understand the needs of students and provide coordinated and quality services to promote improved student outcomes.
  • Identify children and youth who need community-based intervention and development services — children who wouldn't have been on our radar without the data.
  • Have informed conversations with parents and families about their children's needs and promise for the future.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the positive and negative factors affecting a student's life.

The Learning Circle Dashboard is a game changer for Move the Middle. By leveraging the data that it provides, we are supporting students and increasing their chances of graduating, while also supporting continuous improvement practices within our schools and community as a whole. Thanks to your support, Move the Middle is making a fundamental impact on the future of the Rock River Valley.

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