Early Warning and Response System

"There are students who we've identified who were missing a lot of class or dealing with sigificant issues at home and no one had any idea at school. With the use of the Early Warning and Response System, we're able to identify those students, collect more information on their situation, contact families, meet with students, and identify the root cause."
—Nicole Bennett, Director of Middle School Success

About Early Warning and Response System

Did you know there is a strong link between success in middle school and the high school graduation rate? In the Rock River Valley, one-third of ninth graders are not on track to graduate. Those without a high school diploma are far more likely to end up being arrested, living in poverty, or becoming homeless.

Research has shown that in order to alter the path of a student who is likely to become a dropout, you must identify that student and offer them assistance as early as in their middle school years. To accomplish that, United Way is piloting an Early Warning and Response System at Lincoln Middle School. That system will automatically identify students who are at risk of becoming off track. Known as the ABCs of disengagement — attendance, behavior, and course performance — the Early Warning System recognizes students who are struggling with one or more of the dropout indicators, and then alerts our Achievement Advocate, Nicole Bennett — a United Way employee who works in the school — and she assists those students in getting back on track.

Services identified through the Early Warning System as needed by students

  • Hearing aids
  • Glasses
  • Dental work
  • ADHD medication
  • Trauma counseling
  • Grief/loss of loved one support group
  • Tutoring services helping with English as Second Language
  • Domestic violence shelter
  • Appointments with a Psychiatrist
  • Child care resources
  • Academic tutors
  • Homelessness assistance

Want to help?

Help us continue the progress already made by this program. Funding is needed to expand the Early Warning System in Lincoln Middle School and to other middle schools in the Rock River Valley. Please, donate here.

More information

Contact Nicole Bennett, Director of Middle School Success — call 815-229-2400, or email nicole@unitedwayrrv.org.