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Top Box Foods

"It really makes the nutritious food affordable for families that maybe have difficulty getting to the grocery store or who are on assistance and can’t always afford higher-priced produce and meats."
—Linda Sandquist, Vice President, United Way of Rock River Valley

About Top Box Foods

For the residents living in the most challenged neighborhoods in Rockford, not only affording but finding nearby healthy food options for the dinner table is difficult.

Over the past few years on a monthly basis, United Way has made that task a whole lot easier. Through a partnership with Top Box Foods, on the first Saturday of every month, nutritious, affordable food is brought to food-insecure areas of Rockford. For the residents in those neighborhoods, it means not having to drive around town to pick up food to feed their families. The food is offered to those residents at nearby churches and libraries, allowing them to save money on both grocery costs and the gas they’d have to use to get to the nearest grocery store – many times miles away.

The price of the groceries offered through Top Box are up to 40% cheaper than that at a typical grocery store. It makes the service an invaluable resource for Rock River Valley residents who depend on it to provide for their families.

How to access Top Box's food options

The discounted Top Box food is available on the first Saturday of every month at the following three locations:

  • Rockton Centre Branch Public Library — 3112 N. Rockton Road, Rockford
  • Zion Lutheran Church — 925 5th Avenue, Rockford
  • GPS Faith Community — 10714 N. 2nd Street, Rockford


Food can be pre-ordered ahead of time to ensure what you want isn't sold out, but is not required. All food pick up is on the first Saturday of every month.

April's Top Box menu

More information

Contact Pam Thompson, Community Investment Manager — call 815-968-4200, or email