It's easy to include United Way of Rock River Valley in your will or estate plan. Below are 6 of the most popular ways to do this. We welcome the opportunity to send you additional information or meet with you to take the next steps.


1. Name United Way as a beneficiary in your will

A bequest provision can be included in your will when you are creating it, or you can amend your existing will through the use of a codicil. This arrangement provides you with flexibility and control should your circumstances change. You can designate an exact amount or asset or a percentage of the assets in your will.


2. Make an outright gift of cash or appreciated stock or real estate

This is an excellent technique for individuals in the highest tax bracket, or those who have sold a business or received a significant bonus and could benefit from an immediate tax deduction.


3. Name United Way as the beneficiary of a retirement plan

Perpetuating your gift through a retirement plan is simple, flexible and tax wise. Contact the administrator of your retirement plan to designate United Way of Rock River Valley as the beneficiary of your retirement plan. They can also let you know what restrictions might apply.


4. Name United Way as the beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy

Many contributors are attracted to life insurance because it enables them to make a larger gift than they would otherwise have been able to make. Here's how it works: you pay the premiums on a life insurance policy that will ultimately produce a sizable gift to United Way of Rock River Valley. If United Way is named as the owner and beneficiary, you will also receive a tax deduction for the annual premiums.


5. Benefit from a split interest gift

A split interest gift is really two gifts, one that is present interest and one that is future interest. Typically, the present interest gift is a lifetime flow of income back to the donor. The future interest gift is the amount the charity will receive at the death of the donor. The most popular split interest gift is a charitable remainder trust. It is a gift that returns an income to you, your spouse or another beneficiary you name. Highly appreciated but low yield stock is an ideal asset to use in a charitable remainder trust.


6. Make a gift through a Charitable Gift Annuity and receive payments for life

If you would like to benefit from interest that is higher than you can obtain from CDs and money market accounts, a charitable gift annuity is an excellent gift option, especially if you are over 60 years old. You would receive annuity payments for life and the remainder of the gift would benefit our community through United Way of Rock River Valley. The projected amount of the gift that would go to United Way is tax deductible.


Shape the future with your Legacy. Remember United Way in your will or estate plans and please let us know when you do so we may acknowledge your support. Please contact Nancy Jenkins for more information by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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