The Organizational Salary Survey was created, distributed, and analyzed in partnership between United Way of Rock River Valley and the Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit Excellence of Rockford University.

The salary survey was developed as a result of a need to determine market parity within the non-profit sector in our community. This survey is for non-profit organizations that specialize in human services, education and the environment, arts and humanities, and more. United Way partner agencies report staff vacancies due to significantly higher salaries offered by for-profit organizations. The survery is conducted in five year intervals. 

The following study includes job titles, salary ranges, and a review of job descriptions and responsibilities. There may be some variation in job descriptions and titles between organizations, as well as, some variation in salaries for job titles due to reports of full time and part time salaries.


> 2016 Organizational Salary Survey

> 2014 Organizational Salary Survey