Success By 6® Tiny Turners Reading Program targets the development of pre-literacy skills for children birth to age three. Through local home visiting programs, teachers distribute new board books and resource materials to parents, which help increase parental engagement and pre literacy skills in their children.


Program Reach

  • over 500 children in low-income families receive new, age-appropriate board books every other month in Spanish or English
  • parents receive early childhood learning information from home visit teachers


Making the Case

Research shows that learning begins long before a child enters kindergarten. Children, even infants, soak up words, rhymes, songs, and images. Vocabulary development is particularly important. Results from a study conducted by Hart and Risley that followed children from birth to age three, estimated that children in professional families heard an average of 48 million words addressed to them while children in low income families had heard only 13 million. Programs that support parents are central to closing this 35 million word gap.


Program Locations

City of Rockford Head Start: Circles of Learning and Early Head Start
Easter Seals Child Development
Harlem School District #122: Donald C. Parker Early Education
La Voz Latina
Rockford School District #205: Summerdale Early Childhood Center


Outcomes 2012-2013

  • The number of program participants reading to their children 5 or more times per week increased by 49%
  • The amount of television families watched in their homes decreased by 62%
  • The number of program participants taking time to read for themselves increased by 8%
  • The number of program participatns visiting a library increased by 52%

Measure: Results from teacher and parent survey



A committee of early childhood education specialists selected the book titles and developed the teacher curriculum and parent pieces.