United Way awards nearly $400,000 to 22 agencies for post-COVID supports

United Way of Rock River Valley has awarded nearly $400,000 to 22 local nonprofit organizations to assist those who are still struggling to regain their footing post-COVID. With programs still unfunded, clients still underserved, programs not yet restarted and/or gaps in their funding that still exist, this money will go a long way in ensuring our community’s residents get the support and services they need.

“COVID-19 imparted more than just health implications across our country,” said Julie Bosma, President and CEO of United Way of Rock River Valley. “It battered families, communities, businesses, and relationships. The social, emotional, economic, and academic toll may never be fully realized but we know it is extensive and pervasive—this funding will help address that.”

The requirements for the grant application process were purposely kept generic because so many organizations were impacted by COVID in different ways. The funding will address a wide variety of issues our community is facing.

Organizations were able to apply for grant funding beginning in mid-May through June, and checks were distributed in early July.