"I give to ensure every child realizes their potential"

United Way donor highlight: Matilda Kotoe.

My name is Matilda Kotoe and I am a donor just like you. I am a Senior Technical Developer at Greenlee Tools and I’ve been giving to United Way for the past six years. I know what it means to have hopes, dreams, and aspirations — and what it takes to meet those goals — and I give to United Way because my gift spurs breakthroughs that provide opportunities to countless children in our community, and helps them realize their potential. I have an endless list of changes I hope to see in our community. By giving to United Way, the biggest and most important change I hope to see is that families remain together, intact, and safe. Family is the single most important influence on a child. The shattering of family can create never-ending dysfunctional behaviors throughout a child’s life, continuing well into adulthood. Supporting my community through donations to United Way creates programs and support groups for families to facilitate good and healthy relationships, increasing the likelihood that they maintain close and loving connections for life.

I donate because I firmly believe in the principles of giving to others in need. It creates an atmosphere where people from all ends of the socio-economic spectrum are brought together, creates a forum for open and honest dialogue, and encourages conversation on how to strengthen communities. But while the act of giving has an undeniable impact on those around me — my neighbors, friends, and colleagues — it also has an impact on me; giving fosters discipline and character within myself. It creates happiness in me, because I truly love to see others happy and flourishing, especially children.

When I’m asked why I give to United Way, my answer is simple: impact. Through programs and initiatives that strengthen our community, United Way’s work ensures basic human needs are met, creating a positive ripple effect that positively impacts many other facets of the community. Crime and violence are reduced, families are strengthened and empowered, and kids are presented with opportunities and better resources to excel. I give to United Way because I have compassion towards humanity. That is why I’m a donor — just like you.

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