Middle School Prep

About Middle School Prep

Education is an essential building block for a good life. When children have a positive experience during their early childhood education, community outcomes vastly improve in the areas of educational attainment, employment, and crime reduction.

We are helping children achieve their potential through education by focusing on programs that: prepare children birth to age six to enter kindergarten ready to learn; ensure students are reading proficiently by fourth-grade; provide resources to reduce the amount of stress facing students entering middle school; and provide after-school and mentoring programs for at-risk youth.


Learn more about our Middle School Prep initiatives

I READ — This early-grade reading program matches volunteer reading mentors with kindergarten students and helps students achieve literacy goals by fourth grade.

Learn Your Lock — A program aimed at reducing the amount of stress new middle schoolers face.

Success By 6 — This school readiness initiative encompasses programs that focus on increasing meaningful family engagement and pre-literacy development.