Collective Impact - Working together to drive results

All of us want to make the Rock River Valley a thriving community, where we can raise our kids in a healthy environment, get good jobs, and lead good lives. And what we've been doing together is exactly that - uniting people to help create the kind of community we all want, with the kind of opportunities we all need.

United Way of Rock River Valley builds up people's lives in the areas of Education, Income, and Health - key building blocks for a better life. And we ensure that everything we do supports programs that deliver results and create lasting change in our community. That's what it means to focus on the big picture - the whole person and the whole situation - and that's what makes United Way about lasting solutions, not just short-term charity.


Collective Impact Approach

Obstacles we face in our community are part of a continuum; we cannot fix the problems by focusing on just one issue. When a child isn't doing well in school, the problem may not be school --- it very well may be that the child is hungry, or her teeth hurt because her family can't afford a dentist, or she's picking up on her parent's economic stresses.

That's why United Way adopts a comprehensive approach that includes everything from preparing our young children to succeed in school, to empowering neighborhoods and enabling families to become more self-sufficient.

Our Collective Impact model unites people and resources to identify the underlying causes of real problems people in Winnebago and Ogle counties face, and to create results-driven solutions. Visit our Reports page for details on program results.

United Way Model


Building Blocks for a Better Life

Education, income, and health are the key building blocks of our lives. All three are critical and interdependent. For instance, parents with good jobs are able to provide adequate healthcare for families, and kids are more likely to succeed in school if they're healthy and well-fed when they enter the classroom. When we build upon them, these building blocks serve as a strong foundation for the collective success of our community.

Even small improvements in these areas can transform our community. Use United Way's interactive Common Good Forecaster to see exactly how one positive change in our community can drive improvements in other areas.

Learn more about our work and impact in the areas of Education, Income, and Health.

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