Benefits of improved donor communication


Together, we are doing great work to improve the lives of everyone in our community. Many donors have asked us to share information with them on a more regular basis so they can stay connected and see the value of their investment.

In order to provide our donors with this information and thank them in a timely manner we need more complete donor information.

What information are we asking for?

  • Donor Name
  • Home or Business Address, Phone and e-mail
  • Company Name & Title
  • Contribution Amount & Designations

The easiest ways to share donor information is by providing United Way with a carbon copy of the employees' pledge cards filed in the campaign report envelope or via Excel so we can electronically input data.


What are the benefits to providing this information?


  • Receives important and necessary tax documentation based on donation.
  • Receives acknowledgement and thank you for donating to United Way.
  • Receives periodic notification of events and volunteer opportunities.
  • Receives periodic reports on results made possible by their investment.


  • Un-clog company e-mail and mail by having home contact info.
  • Increased awareness by employees of the level of the employer partnership with United Way and organizational leadership in the community.
  • Employees become more engaged with United Way, which will build loyalty & increase giving in future company campaigns.

(On average, Corporate Partners providing donor data details realize 12% greater participation rates.)


United Way of Rock River Valley pledges to:

  • not share or sell any donor information with other organizations;
  • treat our donors' information with the utmost confidentiality;
  • thank donors and provide necessary tax acknowledgements;
  • allow donors to opt-out of mailings and e-mails;
  • honor donor wishes with regards to anonymity.