1. Contact us

Your Relationship Manager can help you establish timelines, provide training, supply materials and address questions. We are here for you every step of the way.


2. Obtain top management support

  • Talk to your company's leadership about approving a campaign committee, a budget, and allowing use of company time for campaign meetings and activities.
  • Ask top managers to publicly support, endorse and participate in the campaign and events.
  • Discuss the possibility of matching a percentage of employee gifts with a corporate donation.
  • Develop a strategy for engaging company leaders, possibly through the use of a separate leadership campaign.


3. Recruit a Campaign Committee

  • Build a campaign team that is diverse and includes individuals from multiple departments and every level within the organization.
  • Team members who have been helped or had prior involvement with United Way are a great addition and can speak personally during the campaign.
  • Invite your United Way Relationship Manager to your campaign planning meetings to answer questions and offer ideas.


4. Develop your plan

  • Most campaigns run in the fall with a duration of about two weeks. However, campaigns can take place any time during the year.
  • Set a campaign goal. Identify some areas for improvement and set some measurable goals to achieve them. Identify a dollar goal, increased participation or increased average gift as your goals. Talk to your United Way Relationship Manager for more help in setting your campaign goals.
  • Consider incentives that can be used to entice new donors and encourage existing donors to increase their contributions.
  • Incorporate fun special event ideas after pledge forms are submitted to keep United Way of Rock River Valley top of mind.


5. Promote and prepare

  • Promote the campaign with posters, flyers and e-blasts. Include campaign communications in company newsletters and through a memo from the CEO.
  • Work with your United Way Relationship Manager to ensure that you have pledge forms, brochures, posters, casual day stickers and all other necessary campaign materials for the campaign.
  • Send a weekly United Way email during the campaign with United Way facts or stories of local individuals that have benefited from United Way.
  • Announce the campaign at various department and staff meetings.


6. Kick off your campaign

  • Make your personal gift to United Way before the campaign begins.
  • Start your campaign with leadership and senior managers one week prior to your general campaign.
  • Invite all staff to a kick-off event that communicates management support, campaign goals & activities. Invite your United Way Relationship Manager to speak at the kick-off and campaign events.


7. Make the ask

  • Make sure that everyone is asked to donate at the kick-off and department meetings, and through one-on-one conversations. The number one reason people say they didn't give to the campaign is because they weren't asked!
  • Have the campaign committee personally distribute pledge forms and ask their co-workers to join them in their support of United Way. Be prepared to talk about why you support United Way.
  • Show donors the impact that their individual contribution makes. Giving increases when people know their gift is making a real difference. Visit the United Way website regularly to see the impact.


8. Monitor and report your progress

  • Keep a running total as the pledges are collected. Compare against the goals identified and provide regular progress updates to employees.
  • Make personal follow-ups with individuals who have not turned in their pledge form.


9. Campaign wrap-up

  • Collect pledge forms and donations from employees.
  • Schedule a meeting with your United Way Relationship Manager to complete all required paperwork.
  • Report your final total to employees and leadership.
  • Hold a final campaign committee meeting to evaluate your efforts.


10. Thank everyone

Send thank you emails, a thank you memo from the CEO, hang up thank you posters. Don't forget to send a special thank you to the campaign committee!

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