Behind every United Way workplace campaign is a group of individuals that play a key role in making the campaign a success. Employee Campaign Coordinators not only provide a link between their organizations and United Way, they also plan, organize and coordinate the entire workplace campaign for their company.

The Employee Campaign Coordinator of the Year Award recognizes the time, effort and talent of individuals who are essential to helping United Way improve the lives of our community. 


2013 Employee Campaign Coordinator of the Year Recipient

Monique Lindstedt, Rockford University

Rockford University reported increases in various campaign activities, including overall totals, leadership giving, and staff participation. Their overall campaign pledges project to reach totals at a 6-year high. As employee campaign coordinator, Lindstedt was a strong force during their campaign and instrumental in inviting United Way staff to present during staff meetings for the first time in several years.

Congratulations to Monique Lindstedt. As a result, Rockford University increased campaign pledge totals by 30%, increase leadership giving totals by 33% and increased employee participation by 13%.



Mona Kidd, Rockford Register-Star

Rockford Register Star and The Newspaper Guild/CWA Local 34071 reported their first increase in campaign pledge totals in three years and saw an increase in average gift per employee. As employee campaign coordinator, Kidd used various in-house communication tools to share United Way's message and impact on the community. She invited United Way to staff presentations and used an incentive program to encourage early pledging, new pledges, and increase giving.

Congratulations to Mona Kidd. As a result, Rockford Register Star, The Newspaper Guild/CWA Local 34071 increased campaign pledge totals by 27% and employee participation was up by 25%.