Much of the success of the annual United Way community campaign can be attributed to the special efforts of the hundreds of campaign volunteers --- individuals who work with their co-workers to convey the United Way message creatively and effectively to fellow employees.

The Innovators Award program is a way to showcase these creative efforts, and share them with others.


2013 Innovators Award Recipient

Rock Valley Federal Credit Union

Rock Valley Federal Credit Union discussed United Way's work in the community and how it personally affects each employee during staff meetings. Employees were rewarded with various giveaways such as gift cards and time off certificates for pledging through a payroll deduction.
The committee also organized a special event around the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers NFL game. The employee with the most donations, which was their CEO, dressed in football attire and washed windows of vehicles in the drive thru.

As a result, Rock Valley Federal Credit Union increased campaign pledge totals by 15% and reported an employee participation rate of 61%.