Britney Lindgren

Achievement Advocate

Britney is a free spirit, open and accepting, and a hard worker who uses her voice to fight for those who can't. She graduated from Byron High School and went on to receive her Bachelors from Robert Morris University with a degree in graphic design. From there, Britney moved back to Rockford to pursue some sort of career, she wasn't quite sure what that would be. Working odd jobs, she slowly started to transitioned into owning her own business. As her life evolved, she realized she wanted to continue to lift others up and switched her career, during a pandemic, to work in a school with students who needed an extra support.

In her free time, she'd love to spend it on the golf course or out exploring beautiful places. She's a photographer by hobby and enjoys sharing her experiences in a way that is expressive to her personality. She's also a new mom and loves the family her and her partner, Nygel, have built together. Britney is passionate about making memories with the people she loves, equal rights for all human beings, and fighting for what's right. Humor is her weakness.