211 & Coronavirus

211 Support Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

There are many ripple effects of COVID-19 beyond the virus itself — isolation comes with social distancing, food scarcity concerns, particularly for those in food-insecure areas, and financial burdens from missing work.

Remember, United Way of Rock River Valley offers a free 24/7 service that provides resources for mental health, finding food, and paying housing and utility bills. Dial 211 any time of day and a real person will pick up and connect you with real solutions.

We've added resources to 211 during the COVID-19 crisis

To handle the increase in calls, additional operators are being added to United Way’s 211 hotline. United Way is in constant contact with our local agencies in order to provide current and up-to-date information. For additional resources and assistance regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, 211 has created this helpful FAQ page.

Want to know more about 211? Head over to our general 211 page, which highlights the program.

I need additional help. Where can I find it?

You can find more information on child care services and local food programs here. If you're interested in donating to support local families dealing with financial and emotional difficulties due to COVID-19, click here. 100% of donations will go back to our community.