Giving back to the Rock River Valley Community

Donate to United Way of Rock River Valley

When you give to United Way of Rock River Valley your investment touches more than one person or one charity – you create real impact with long-term results in Winnebago and Ogle counties.


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 By combining your donation with every gift from the community, your contribution improves the lives of many. Together with United Way, your investment:


  • Prepares children to succeed in school
  • Connects adults with job skills and employment opportunities
  • Builds safe and healthy neighborhoods


The investment process is led by local trained volunteers who devote countless hours evaluating programs against several criteria such as community impact, program outcomes, and efficient resource management. Learn more about the Grant Investment process.


No matter how large or small, every gift is important, and 100% of your contribution creates impact in your community.  


What your dollars can do

$1 per week provides nutritional and social support for one month to a senior citizen living independently

$3 per week provides school readiness books and materials to 5 pre-k children and their families for one school year

$6 per week provides training for an adult with a developmental disability become self-sufficient in life

$15 per week provides a safe and healthy path out of domestic abuse for 2 adults and their children

$30 per week provides 32 families with free income tax preparation, enabling them to achieve their long-term financial goals

$50 per week provides a neighborhood full of children with a safe and adult-supervised route to school for one month