I'm excited! United Way of Rock River Valley is unveiling new branding...and I love it. It's direct, emotional, and a little bit gritty. It tells the story of United Way.

We are more than just fundraisers.

We are the hand raisers.

The game changers.

The stop talking and start doing.

The take on the impossible task masters.

I'm excited because United Way fights for the education, health and financial stability of everyone in every one of our neighborhoods. Our fall campaign will be kicking off next month and you'll see our new marketing. I invite you to pay attention. 

At this crucial time, when we are hearing messages that cast our fellow citizens as lesser, pay attention. Pay attention to your neighbor, to the people across town, to those who are a different color, those who worship differently, those who speak a different language.

Pay attention and do something. Raise your hand. Stop talking. Start doing.

Because to live better, we must LIVE UNITED